Days Of Miljenko & Dobrila

Kaštela are known for tragic love story of Miljenko and Dobrila. The story begins when young girl meets a boy she likes but their parents disapprove the

relationship. It all leads to tragic events that took away their lives. Once a year city of Kaštela organize a week to honor their legacy. Enjoy plays, concerts,

exhibitions that celebrate love, family and importance of life.

Kaštela Cultural Summer

There are over 60 exhibitions, theatre shows, pop and classical music concerts, folklore, sport events and festivities (fishermen’s, hunters’,

mountaineers’). Events are held at the most attractive places at the historic centers, castles and by the sea.

We especially highlight the “Evenings of Dalmatian Songs” held every July in Kaštel Kambelovac. Traditional a cappella singing arranged in modern or

traditional manner is cherished there.

Sinjska Alka

The Sinjska Alka inscribed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists. is an equestrian competition held in the Croatian town of Sinj every first

Sunday in August since 1717.  It commemorates a Croatian-Venetian victory over Ottomans

Split Summer Festival

Festival with the longest and shiniest tradition of the classical spectrum of performing arts (opera, drama, ballet, concert…), spreading in time the array of

events: from Jazz concerts and film festivals, to exhibitions, performances and street theatre.

Ultra Europe Festival

Europe’s famous electronic music festival, attracting the biggest names in EDM, house and techno music to Split each summer.