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  • February 23, 2020

Forbidden love… find out about the tragic love story of Miljenko and Dobrila.

The story of Miljenko and Dobrila is settled in the second half of the 17th century in Kaštel Lukšić where two noble families the Vitturi and Rosani lived in their romantic castles. Little Miljenko (Rosani) and Dobrila (Vitturi) were friends and eventually fell in love. In the meantime, their parents had a terrible feud and decided not to allow their future companionship or marriage. Miljenko and Dobrila eloped and after a sequence of entanglements that only love can produce, their parents gave consent to their marriage in Kaštel Lukšić.

The lovers from Kaštela accepted their parents' will. However, Dobrila's father, count Radoslav couldn't actually accept the fact that Miljenko had won and that he was going to take Dobrila as his wife to their new home – a castle of the noble family Rušinić. Engulfed by uncontrollable hatred and vengeance, a night after the wedding of two young lovers in the summer of 1690, count Radoslav killed his son-in-law with a firelock in front of his castle in Kaštel Lukšić.

A few months after the grievous event, out of tremendous sadness, Dobrila lost her mind, got sick and died. Her last wish was to be buried next to Miljenko at Rušinac, in St. John's chapel from the 16th century. Their tombstone can still be seen in this church, with the inscription: "Lovers, rest in peace". In Kaštel Lukšić, besides their grave, there still stand the authentic castles of Dobrila (the Vitturi castle, 15th – 16th century) and Miljenko (the Rušinac castle, 15th century) as well as the old church dating from 1530 where the lovers got married.

This legend inspired the authors of a novel, a drama, and even an opera.