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  • February 23, 2020

Kaštela is recognized by 7 castles that were in history family houses of noble families. 


Kaštel Sućurac - Podvorje

The oldest defense tower in Kaštel Sućurac- Podvorje is a cobblestone compound that forms a courtyard of palaces - high Gothic style mansion and traditional country house. The exhibition area is formed at the main square where archaeological finds are kept.

Kaštel Gomilica - Kaštilac

A unique example of Dalmatian character lies within fortress Kaštilac, an architectural monument where locals live. The entrance to Kaštilac is protected by the tower with holes for cannons and guns. It is connected to the land by a long bridge on the arches.

Kaštel Kambelovac - Cambi

In 1517 brothers Jerolim and Nikola Cambi, built a castle on an islet to protect themselves and residents of Lažan and Kruševik settlements. The castle was cylindrically shaped (only one in Kaštela), making it easily defensible. The citadel was surrounded by the sea but was later connected with the mainland by filling up and leveling. 

Kaštel Lukšić - Castle Vitturi

Nikola and Jerolim Vitturi built a castle by the sea in order to protect their families and peasants of the Ostrog village on the Balovan reef. The castle was completed as a lavish palace in 1564. it consisted of a residential two-story building with a balcony and emergency exit to the sea on the south side and of two defensive keeps and a drawbridge as a connection with the mainland on the northern side. The drawbridge was replaced with a one-arc stone bridge in the 18th century. In the center of the castle is a yard with arcades and galleries on the 1st and 2nd floor. Peek into the family house of the Vitturi family which today stands proud and beautiful as a city museum.

Kaštel Stari - Cipicco

Castle Cipicco was composed of fortress and palace built on the cliff, separated from the mainland by a ditch and connected with the mobile bridge. After the fire, it was rebuilt in Renaissance style with a yard, arcades and balcony with the family coat of arms. Church of St. Joseph from the 17th century is right next to the castle.

Kaštel Novi - Cipicco tower

Cipicco tower, a square in the shape of the tower, developed a settlement surrounded by defense wall and sea. On the foundations of the 13th-century church, the parish church of St. Peter with the rich treasure of silver and ecclesiastical clothing was built.

Kaštel Štafilić - Rotondo

At the entrance of Kaštel Štafilić stands the Rotondo fortress that was used for leaving the village on ships in times of danger. Emblem of the family Stafileo that built the castle is engraved on the southern entrance. Nehaj tower, unfinished but compelling to the artists seems like it is sailing during the tide.